credit: keysuggestion.org

There was this woman, came to us; to me; to the girl.

A wife. A mother of two.

She complained about the family, raising the children, kids’ behaviour. The husband. Practically about her life.

And started to wonder, how could it be, would it be so hard to be good. A good wife, a good mother. A good woman.

So the girl said the exact same thing that had been said to her, long ago. If she did not pass the test, then it would repeat over and over again, perhaps in the very same fashion. This is the test. Is not that supposed to be like that, being alive, being human, saying that we do have the faith? How come we ever expect not to be examined even though we have said that we have the faith? A claim that we are the believer.

She would come to the phase—as a wife, a mother. How could she topple the perks of being one with all the shenanigans she had jumbled upon? Surely, what she had in mind, she did not want to commingle the life she had now with all she could and would have in the near future. One positive thing she firmly believe and yearn to was she wanted to be the strong mother and wife for the family, the reliable women as it should be; who would support the people that she would hold dear.

This woman gave her a lesson to learn. As if on a cue, God had sent that particular woman just in time before she put an end of the rope.

One fine day, she told this to one of friends. He said that it had never crossed his mind, ever.

The girl smiled half-heartedly, perhaps that was the distinct line which made them man and woman. She did have such thoughts for time she could remember. “It would not hurt for you to know, though. “

The said friend gave back a grin, “No, it would not. “

The blissful ignorance. Perhaps she just worried too much, and getting scared all the time. But that did not matter anymore.

What came next was not the woman. It was God who offered His hand to come for an aid, in the mean time, just in the right time.

Never doubt that He loves. Never doubt that He will be near. And when He comes in rescue, everything seems to steer clear.

The girl fell on her knees, it was wonderful.




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